See 'StentTower', Our Art Sculpture 
StentTower is almost 24 ft. tall and weighs 1,000 pounds. 

Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center dedicated a new art sculpture, "StentTower," in front of the hospital in August, 2009.

The sculpture was created as part of the City of Palm Beach Gardens's "Art in Public Places" campaign, a partnership between private development and public art. This particular sculpture and site were chosen by the City and created by artist Mark Fuller.

The base, as well as the column with hearts cut-through, are fabricated from laser-cut aluminum plate. The red and white blood cells are custom-fabricated fiberglass.

The design of this project began in May 2008. Fabrication began in January 2009.


Elements of StentTower represent a heart vessel, red and white blood cells and a stent device. 
Words From Artist Mark Fuller

"StentTower is an abstract visual expression of red and white blood cells flowing through a heart stent in a blood vessel.

As part of my research, I took behind-the-scenes tours of Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. During these tours I explored blood cells under a microscope, various medical devices and equipment and reviewed a procedure of the insertion of a stent into a blood vessel.

I was impressed and awestruck with the technology and the fact that roughly 360 open-heart procedures are performed at the medical center each year. I was inspired by the intricate design of the almost microscopic stents as well as the shapes of both red and white blood cells,

I began designing the sculpture with the intention of publicly celebrating the high-tech aspects of Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center by making these minute wonders larger than life.