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Governing Board

Thank you for your commitment to Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. We value your insight and perspective which allows us to continue to evolve and further our mission of providing the best possible care to our community.

Baqir Syed, MD
  • Chairman

Photo of Baqir Syed, MD
Jean Wihbey, PhD
  • Vice Chairman

Photo of Jean Wihbey, PhD
Teresa Urquhart
  • Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Teresa Urquhart
Shady Salib, MD
  • Chief of Staff

Photo of Shady Salib, MD
Jose DeOlazabal, MD
  • Member

Photo of Jose DeOlazabal, MD
Heldo Gomez, MD
  • Member

Photo of Heldo Gomez, MD
Vijay Harpalani, MD
  • Member

Photo of Vijay Harpalani, MD
Donald Kiselewski
  • Member

Photo of Donald Kiselewski
Stephen Mathison, Esq
  • Member

Photo of Stephen Mathison, Esq
Michael V. Mitrione
  • Member

Photo of Michael V. Mitrione
Richard Price, MD
  • Member

Photo of Richard Price, MD
Andrew Seltzer, DO
  • Member

Photo of Andrew Seltzer, DO
Eliah Watlington
  • Member

Photo of Eliah Watlington
Greg Leach
  • Member

Photo of Greg Leach