David's Story: Office Coordinator

Jun 6, 2019

A longtime employee-turned-patient knows he can count on his coworkers for excellent care

David Greene, office supply coordinator, Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center

Our-Stories-GreeneAs an employee of more than 20 years and frequent patient, David Greene, office supply coordinator, has seen Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center from both sides. Most recently, David was at Palm Beach Gardens for an endoscopy when the unexpected happened.

"I was waking up from the endoscopy and the next thing I know, I am being told I’m having a stroke," says David. “The whole left side of my body went numb, my speech slurred and I was rushed down to the ER. Not too long after, Dr. Talkad, the medical director of the Primary Stroke Center, came over and administered the clot-busting drug, tPA."

"I spent four or five days here following the stroke. But this is already my second home, so to speak. Not only do I work here, but I have also been a frequent patient. I have Crohn's disease, so I've had a colostomy and several other procedures. I used to joke that my vacation time was on the second or third floor depending on what the surgery was," he says.

Consistent quality care

Throughout his numerous hospital stays, David can attest to the consistency in quality patient care, whether the staff realizes he’s an employee or not.

"Having worked here for over 20 years and being a patient, I have seen and experienced the hospital from all sides. I have always received such great care as a patient here, and it’s not just because I am an employee. The night-shift staff doesn't know me and they were all still so kind and accommodating," he says.

Palm Beach Gardens is regularly recognized for its patient-centric approach and for its staff members providing compassionate personal attention.

"Any place can get new equipment. But the nurses, techs and doctors —they make the hospital a great place. They all really care about the patients; they’re not just here because they have to be," says David.

David knew he didn’t have to go to Palm Beach Gardens for care. But for him, the decision was an obvious one.

"Some people wouldn't want to be treated in a hospital where they already work—but I do because I know I am going to get the best care possible."