Edward’s Story

Oct 13, 2020

Golf has always been my refuge to relax, and distress from all that I dealt with throughout the week. It’s also a sport that allows me to think my way through the course, and choose the right club for each hole. However, I could have never imagined that the hobby I enjoy the most would also be the scene of where I could have really used a mulligan. After playing 18 holes, it started raining and I rushed to get my clubs into my SUV. When I went to hit the button to open the tailgate, I hit my head while I attempted to put my clubs in the car. From a gash on my head, blood got all over me, my hat and my mask.

I did my best to try to clean it off. When I got home, my wife tried to stop the flow of blood but it kept coming. After some time, we both felt the bleeding had subsided. However, in the middle of night I woke up in a pool of blood. At that point, I needed to get medical attention. The paramedics arrived and brought me to Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. I couldn’t be more thankful that I came to this hospital. Upon my arrival, the emergency room physician, Dr. Jaime Snarksi, was waiting for me. She listened to the paramedics and asked me what happened. I recited the story to her, and she gave the nurse instructions on how to stop my bleeding. I was then taken to a patient room where nurses Geralda and Dhon were such a calming influence, and made feel at ease that everything was going to be fine. After about three hours, the bleeding had finally stopped, and I looked like a mummy because my head was heavily wrapped.

Two days after my visit, Dr. Snarksi personally called me to ask how I was doing. It’s that kind of personal touch that goes a long way for patients like me. I want to thank the entire team at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center for their professionalism, quick work, and kindness for making sure I was in great hands. The emergency room team made me feel like family the entire time I was there. Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center really hit a hole in one when it came to the care they provided to me. Thank you.