Volunteer at Palm Beach Gardens

Volunteer with patientOur top priority at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center is to make every patient’s experience as pleasant as possible. As a volunteer, you can help us accomplish this goal by advocating for patients and their families, by answering questions, or just lending a helping hand.

Benefits of Service

The people who give their time to the staff and patients at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center will tell you that the rewards of volunteering are innumerable. Sometimes just offering compassion to others can uplift your own spirit. We also like to offer a little something more to say thank you for choosing to volunteer with us.

Pet Therapy Volunteers

Studies have shown that pet therapy can help improve a patient’s cardiovascular health, decrease their anxiety, promote a healing environment, and provide sense of comfort during a hospitalization.  As a pet therapy volunteer you would have the ability to provide a unique, comforting and memorable patient experience.  In order to reach our goal of offering pet therapy services on a daily basis, we are looking for more volunteers to join our growing pet therapy program.  In order to become a Pet Therapy Volunteer, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Your pet must be registered and remain in good standing with a pet therapy certifying organization.
  2. You must be at least 18 years of age and your animal must be at least one year of age.
  3. The pet must be in good health and have a current/annual health record from a veterinarian.

For more information or to request a Pet Therapy Volunteer application, please call (561) 366-6732.  

Volunteer applicants will need to complete an in-person interview with the Patient Navigator, a health screening with Employee Health, and a background check with Human Resources.


The Volunteen program at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center allows teenagers the opportunity to serve in a variety of areas of the hospital during summer break. The program gives many teenagers their first work experience, as well as the opportunity to consider a career in healthcare. Staff members at Palm Beach Gardens enjoy the opportunity to mentor these students and teach them about the various career paths in healthcare available to them.

Volunteens work in the various departments throughout the hospital and go through a standard hospital orientation and training program.