Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center Implementing the ERAS System for Heart Surgery Patients

Feb 7, 2022

Palm Beach Gardens, FL –Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center is adopting the ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Cardiac Surgery) system for patients undergoing heart procedures.  ERAS is a dedicated clinical and perioperative surgical pathway to streamline goals of care and ensure a safer, more efficient and comfortable recovery for the patient.

“ERAS represents a new way of thinking about recovery after cardiac surgery.  The program focuses on patient centered care to involve you and your family in your own recovery”, said Dr. Nishant Patel, cardiac surgeon on staff at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center.  “Our multidisciplinary team here at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center has worked diligently to develop an evidence driven process that lends to your recovery needs.”

Some of the benefits of utilizing this method include:

  • Keeping your hospital stay short
  • Minimizing and controlling your pain and nausea
  • Helping you mobilize out of bed sooner and more often
  • Preventative bowel regimen
  • Optimizing nutrition allowing you to eat and drink as soon as it is safe to do so
  • Listening to your concerns and adjust your care plan as needed
  • Ensuring safety, enhance surgical outcomes
  • Offering patient and family support throughout surgical stay and recovery

“Implementing the ERAS system will only enhance our already top notch cardiac program here at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center to give our patients a smoother and even better experience at our hospital,” said Teresa Urquhart, chief executive officer at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. “Our multidisciplinary team will guide the patient and their family every step of the way, so they can recover quicker and get back to the healthy life they deserve.”   

As the first hospital in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast to perform open-heart surgery, we continue to be at the forefront when it comes to being the first to perform cardiac procedures and the most experienced.

  • More than 100,000 cardiac catheterizations
  • Over 19,000 open heart surgeries
  • Over 700 TAVR’s
  • Over  275 Mitraclips
  • Over 50 convergent procedures
  • Over 50 minimally invasive cardiac surgeries
  • Nearly 300 Watchman procedures
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