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At Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, our focus is on being able to help you no matter the reason for your visit. In addition to the medical services we offer, we also have a comprehensive diagnostic specialty to be able to diagnose what might be troubling you quickly and precisely.

Getting your heart back in shape

Your heart is your engine, and when it stops working like it should, you need heart care you can trust. At Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, we’ve made excellence in heart care a priority. Explore our Heart & Vascular services, or read what others have said about them.

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Services that we offer:

Diagnostic Imaging

In order to give you fast, accurate treatments for whatever ails you, we need to know we can first provide a fast, accurate diagnosis. That’s why we invest in advanced digital imaging equipment.


Nobody expects an emergency. But if you find yourself in need of immediate care, we are here for you. 

Heart & Vascular

The heart. It's foremost on your mind, which is why we've made excellence in heart care our priority.


Whether you've just been diagnosed or you're learning more about cancer to help a loved one, we have all the resources and expertise you need to face your cancer concerns.


Has joint pain sidelined you from the things you love? It doesn't have to be that way. And with our suite of minimally invasive solutions, we can get you fixed up and on your way quickly.


Some of the most important work you can do in getting back to full speed happens after your treatment or operation. Learn about our rehab program and what makes it tick.


Nervous system problems can be some of the scariest and most destructive, but our staff has made studying and treating them a way of life. Learn more.

Women's Health

There are a number of conditions that uniquely affect women. You need a place where you can feel comfortable talking about how you're feeling, and a place who can help you get back to health. Learn about our women's health specialties.

Health Insurance Enrollment

Are you in need of health insurance coverage, but are not sure how to decide which plan may be right for you?