Bearing the body’s weight

The hip is among the most stable joints in the body, but that doesn’t make it immune from discomfort or injury. After all, the hip supports much of the body’s weight, day in and day out, and because of that there are a number of conditions that can affect its performance.

Chief among the potential issues is arthritis. This can reveal itself slowly, as in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Or it can be more sudden, like traumatic arthritis resulting from an injury or fracture.

Beyond arthritis, other conditions affecting the hip are:

  • Avascular Necrosis – the loss of bone from insufficient blood supply
  • Bursitis – the bursa, a fluid filled sac that reduces friction, become inflamed
  • Hip Pointer – common in sports, a muscle in the hip is bruised or torn

The good news for those experiencing hip pain is the medical possibilities available to fix hip problems have expanded greatly. A doctor may prescribe medication or physical therapy. If the injury is serious enough, or the discomfort is too much to bear, you may consider a hip replacement where parts of your existing hip are removed and replaced with an artificial one.

The place for you

No matter your hip condition or treatment, Palm Beach Gardens will be your partner in recovery. Beyond our surgical expertise, we also have a team of compassionate and caring nurses who will be by your side throughout your surgery and recovery. And our rehab specialists are here every step of the way to get you back on your feet.