Inpatient Services

Rehab in the hospital

After surgery or treatment, some patients simply aren’t ready or strong enough to return to everyday life. Inpatient rehab requires that the patient stay in the hospital, where a team of professionals will work them to get them ready for a safe discharge.

Here are some of the treatments that we provide:

Physical Therapy

Rehabbing a knee replacement can be painful. Our physical therapists will create a plan to help you work through your pain, all the while providing encouragement when you need it most.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps you overcome the challenges keeping you from enjoying the things that matter most to you. From the skills you need for your job, to every day tasks like getting dressed, occupational therapists work to get you comfortable in your daily routine.

Speech Therapy

As a result of many different illnesses and injuries, you might lose your voice or control of your speech. Our speech therapists understand how frustrating that can be, and will work with you to get your voice back.

What to expect following heart surgery

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