Request Medical Records

We follow considerable precautions to protect your healthcare information in compliance with federal and state requirements. If you’d like a copy of your medical records, please download the PBGMC-medical-records-information-form, then print it out, complete the required fields, sign and fax the form to (561) 694-7298 or mail to Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center (Medical Records), 3360 Burns Road, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410.

Your requested information is typically mailed within three to five business days. If you are requesting these records for a physician, please include that information on your form. If you want to pick up the records from our office, please bring a government-issued photo ID. If someone other than you will be picking up the records, your stand-in also needs to present a valid photo ID and an original authorization letter signed by you.

There is no charge if records are sent directly to your doctor. Per Florida state guidelines, if you would like a copy of your medical records for personal use, there will be a charge of .12 cents per page.

For questions regarding your medical records, please call (561) 694-7106.