256-Slice CT Scanner

Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center is the first hospital in northern Palm Beach County to offer the new 256-Slice CT Scanner, featuring the Somatom Definition Flash System with dual source CT from Siemens Healthcare as a diagnostic imaging option.

This advanced imaging technology is designed to offer:

  • Increased Speed for Faster, More Efficient Exams
    • One of the fastest computed tomography (CT) scanners available.
    • For most adults, it can image the entire chest in less than a second and can scan the whole body in less than 5 seconds.
    • Consistent and detailed images can reduce the need for re-scans.
  • Low Dosage
    • General reduction of radiation dose a patient receives as compared to a conventional CT scan.
  • Detailed, high-quality images
    • Designed to help physicians see the earliest stages of disease, that may not be diagnosed by other testing modalities.
    • A patient’s heart along with the arteries and anatomy can be better captured in a single beat, even at higher heart rates.
  • Reduction of artifacts from metal
    • Intended to allow for better imaging of patients with implants.

The addition of the 256-Slice CT to Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center’s radiology suite can expand access to diagnostic imaging that supports a complete range of clinical applications, including cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, body imaging, angiography, breast imaging and oncology.

For more information, call Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center’s Radiology Department at (561) 694-7180.

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