Joint Replacement

You don’t need to live with joint pain

What’s in it for you?

It’s only natural to be cautious about getting elective surgery. But joint replacement surgery to remove or repair a damaged joint can help improve how you live, relieving pain and helping you move better.

For joint care, you want experience. Meet our team.

Orthopedic surgeons at Palm Beach Gardens have years of combined experience in replacing joints. We can pair you with someone who has been through the surgery before, to help you know what to expect. And after surgery, we’ll be here to help you through the rehabilitation process.

What We Offer:

  • Robotic-assisted, including NAVIO™ knee replacement surgery
  • A Pre-Operative Joint Class to prep you for what to expect for your surgery
  • Dedicated orthopedic unit with specially-trained nurses and physicians
  • Diagnostic imaging and rehabilitation centers with comprehensive care tailored to you

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