(Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair or TMVR)

The MitraClip is a fairly new device designed to repair mitral regurgitation, a disorder of the mitral valve of the heart that prevents it from closing properly, in a less invasive way than previously available surgical options.

Mitral regurgitation is the most common type of heart valve disorder. The mitral valve, located between your heart’s two left chambers, has two flaps of tissue called leaflets. These leaflets open and close to keep your blood flowing in one direction. When the mitral valve doesn't close all the way, blood that is supposed to flow into the upper chamber of the heart leaks back into the lower chamber. When this happens, less blood flows throughout your body, and may make your heart work harder leading to the potential for serious heart complications.

How It Works

Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair (TMVR) using MitraClip may be an option for you if your doctor determines you are too high risk for open-heart surgery to repair mitral regurgitation. TMVR is a less invasive procedure where the MitraClip device is inserted by a catheter through a vein in your leg and guided to your heart. The device is a small clip that is attached to your mitral valve and allows it to close like it should and restore normal blood flow through your heart.

What to Expect

Although it’s still a new procedure, we have learned from following patients closely that it may provide immediate relief of symptoms caused by mitral regurgitation. You will probably have a hospital stay of two to three days, and you should be back on your feet and experience an improved quality of life soon after you return home.

However, TMVR is not right for everyone. For some, the risks of the procedure may outweigh the benefits. Our team of leaders here at The Heart & Vascular Institute at Palm Beach Gardens will discuss all of the risks and benefits with you.  For more information, follow these links:

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